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What are the goals of the Radiothon?
  The goals of the Radiothon are to:

1. Raise awareness on the issue of child abuse & local resources
available to the community.

2. Raise money for local child abuse prevention councils & agencies:
    -  Beltrami County Child And Parent Connection
    -  Cass County / Leech Lake Reservation Children's Initiative
    -  Clearwater County Child Abuse Prevention Council
    -  Hubbard County Child Abuse Prevention Council

These Initiatives consist of parents, community members and professionals who believe that prevention is the key to ending child abuse and neglect. Through parent support and community education, these councils help create a nurturing, safe community for children & their families.

Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota (PCAMN), also receives funds from the Radiothon. The mission of PCAMN, an affiliate of Prevent Child Abuse America, is to prevent child abuse and neglect by promoting positive parenting, healthy families and homes where children are valued & loved. This is accomplished by building community solutions though training, education and technical assistance, community resources, and advocacy. They also provide a state wide toll free information / resource / support phone hotline number : 
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