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What should you do if you suspect child abuse has occured?
  If you suspect child abuse or neglect, call your local child protective services. Tell the worker about your concerns.

You can also help build a safety net of support and care for an abused or neglected child and his/her family by:

  1. Contacting the child's school counselor. Ask him/her to pay attention to the child and to watch for any warning signs of abuse/neglect.
  2. Calling the family's faith community. Ask them to reach out to the family and offer support and assistance.
  3. Being a good neighbor. Offer to baby-sit for the parent(s). Be kind and caring to the neighborhood children, especially those you think might be abused or neglected at home.
  4. Calling law enforcement if you suspect a child is in imminent danger.
  5. Volunteering to prevent abuse in your community. Become involved with agencies working with families. Refer to the County Resource Pages of this website for more information.
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